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Terms of Service
You are welcome to enjoy this site as long as you keep the following things in mind.

  1. Generally acceptable uses
    You should not hack into the site's systems, nor spoof or fake e-mail headers to make it look like user e-mail is coming from the site. You should not comb the site for email addresses; if you find any email addresses, you should not use them to spam. This site is based in the state of Washington - spam is illegal here. Contact the Attorney General if you want details - http://www.wa.gov/ago/clearinghouse/consumer/junkemail/home.html .
  2. Liability issues
    The information available on this site is provided as-is. There are errors, humor, and satire on this site. Verify any information you find here with a source you trust before making any decision. If you can't find any humor here, find another site.
  3. Limitations on user postings to the site
    All content and format are subject to change at any time without any other notice. The site owner decides what goes up and what comes down. If you don't like the information presented here, choose another site.
  4. Distribution limits on copyrighted material posted on the site.
    All the original information on the site, including at least photographs, text, and layout, are the copyright of the site owner unless otherwise stated. You may not use this information without the express written permission of the site owner. The only exceptions are:
    (1) to copy for use as required for operation of a browser,
    (2) to print a single copy for non-commercial use, and
    (3) to use for educational purposes.
    If you see something on this site that you feel violates your copyright, send notice in writing to the site owner.
  5. Data collection and privacy
    Data is collected by this site only for the purposes of web logging. Any other data collection activity will be noted. Data collection, other than web logging, is opt-in. If data is collected, results are stored in the U.S.A. and are subject to the laws therein. If you have concerns about data collection, use another site.
  6. Resolution of disputes between the user and site owner.
    All disputes are subject to the laws of the state of Washington or King County, WA, or as the site owner chooses. If you wish to dispute something on the site, send notice in writing to the site owner stating your objections and I'll think about it.


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