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K E G E L  F A M I L Y . O R G
K E G E L . O R G


The Twelve Days of Scout Camp

sung to tune "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

On the first day of Scout Camp, my mommie sent to me A box of Trails End Popcorn.

On the second day of Scout Camp, my mommie sent to me Two Tee-shirts, and a <<skip to above>>

On the third day of Scout Camp <<continue wording as above>> Three pairs of socks, two <<skip to above>>

Fourth // Four Woolen Caps

Fifth // Five Underpants

Sixth // Six postage stamps

Seventh // Seven cans of bug spray

Eighth // Eight batman comic books

Ninth // Nine bars of soap

Tenth // Ten dry matches

Eleventh // Eleven shoe strings

Twelfth // Twelve bandaids

Original source: probably http://www.macscouter.com/Songs/


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