K E G E L  F A M I L Y . C O M
K E G E L  F A M I L Y . O R G
K E G E L . O R G


The Scout Who Never Returned

Sung to tune "Charlie On The MTA"

Let me tell you of a story of a Scout named Sunrise, 
On that tragic and fateful day;
Put his Scout knife in his pocket;
Kissed his dog and family;
When to hike in the woods far away.

Well, did h ever return?
No, he never returned.
And his fate is still unlearned:
He may roam forever in the woods and mountains,
He's the Scout who never returned.

Now you citizens of Redmond,
Don't you think it's a scandle
How ol' Sunrise got lost that day?
Take the right equipment; TAKE ALONG A BUDDY,
When you hike in the hills that way.

Or else you'll never return,
No, you'll never return.
And your fate will be unlearned: (just like Sunrise)
You may roam forever in the woods and mountains,
Like the Scout who never returned. 

Original source: probably http://www.macscouter.com/Songs/


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