Andrew G. Kegel
17011 NE 136th Place, Redmond, WA 98052


MS-EECS - University of California-Berkeley, 1979
BSEE - Purdue University, 1977

Summary: Experienced software manager, supervisor, and technical contributor with over 20 years product delivery experience.


1999 to 2001 - Director of CS Applications, Operations Manager of CS Applications, and Lead Software Engineer DC Software., Inc.
Seattle, WA

Responsibilities: Direct software development and world-wide technical operations for Amazon’s Customer Service Applications team (30 engineers).
Applications used by over 1000 CS representatives world-wide, 24x7. Responsible for full development cycle, including deployment and operations.
Tools: Java, D/HTML (JSP, mason), C/C++, Apache, UNIX, 3-tier architecture. Duties include project planning, staffing, and mentoring junior managers.

1989 to 1998 - Software Manager, Software Supervisor, and Software Engineer
Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq Computer Corporation
Bellevue, WA and Nashua, NH

1997 - 1998 Responsibilities: Software manager for Digital’s Windows NT Clusters Engineering team. This 12 person team was doing work on Microsoft’s Wolfpack offering, Oracle Parallel Server, and high-speed cluster interconnect device driver development. Duties include project and strategic planning, budget, staffing and other associated responsibilities.

1996 – 1997 Responsibilities: Software engineering team member of the Digital UNIX development team. This team was developing a distributed Java-based file system and storage management tool. Work on support and maintenance of previous versions done in C.

1993 – 1996 Responsibilities: Software engineering supervisor for the Digital UNIX File System Group. This group delivered the NFS, UNIXFS, and DCE/DFS file systems for Digital UNIX on 64-bit Alpha. Duties included: project planning, product content and quality, staffing and teambuilding of this 10 person engineering team delivering 64-bit file systems for OS releases. Additionally, represented all the file systems on the OS release management team, managed several releases of the file system components as part of the OS and simultaneously managed two releases of DCE/DFS as part of the DCE product. Represented Digital on various Open Group (OSF) committees and worked directly with other corporations (IBM, HP, Transarc, Cray Research, and the OSF), and interaction with even more (Sun, SGI, and Cray).

1989 – 1993 Responsibilities: Software Engineering Supervisor for the Mail and Archive Group. We were responsible for commands ranging from tar and sendmail to a Motif mail interface, and managed the first OEM release of DECnsr (Networker). Duties: defined and staffed the mail subgroup while significantly improving the quality of the product, manage the release of DECnsr V1.0 while building a relationship with the OEM, transitioned the project from Nashua to a new team in Bellevue. Moved on to work as a technical contributor on a project to implement an object-oriented distributed system management tool, and with the lead engineer on the archive tools for the ULTRIX (UNIX) OS, represent Digital on the OSF System Management Special Interest Group that defined the "DME" Request for Technology.

1986 to 1989 - Systems Engineer
United Airlines & Covia
Elk Grove Village, IL

Responsibilities: Worked on the analysis and design of distributed PC and minicomputer-based solutions for airport automation, front-office and back-office travel agency automation, and airline automation. Contributed to the development of software architectures to integrate these solutions.

Worked as a Systems Design Analyst, to implemented the Covia "Communications Integrator" (ISO OSI levels 4 and 5) for MS-Windows and MS-DOS. Received two promotions in two years for contributions using UNIX, OS/2, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, C, MASM, NetBIOS, and software development methodologies. In 1987, was the corporate expert on OS/2; in 1988, was one of two corporate experts on UNIX; and in 1989, was named to the team defining the Covia-United-Galileo corporate architecture. Presented at corporate meetings and at the corporate architecture at SHARE, Guide-Japan, and the Galileo Group (a consortium of European and American airlines). Worked as a member of the team that worked with Microsoft to define United-Covia requirements for MS-Windows and OS/2.

1978 to 1986 - Member Technical Staff
AT&T Bell Labs
Naperville, IL, and Holmdel, NJ,

Responsibilities: Worked in various hardware and UNIX OS development groups. Also worked (over the years) in: International technical support for AT&T computers in Europe; AT&T 3B computer systems engineering (requirements definition, IO controller hardware and firmware design and development, competitive analysis, project planning and management); hardware development (AT&T 3B2 computer system); inter-chip protocol design for a 32-bit; single-chip memory management unit (WE-32000 series); CPU cache design for the AT&T 3B5 computer; UNIX system administration; device driver development; and as an internal Bell Labs instructor.

1974 to 1977 - Co-op Student
Artronix Medical Systems,
St. Louis, MO

Responsibilities: Co-op student working on system software development and support for engineering groups. Employed for four periods as a co-op student while attending Purdue University. Worked on computer-based medical systems for radiation-treatment planning and CAT scanner systems: spent three periods in systems programming writing the system utilities and one period in field service writing diagnostics and working on customer-site problems.

References available upon request.